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What is RAMdom ACTS of KINDNESS?

RAMdom ACTS of KINDNESS is a new initiative set in motion by the 2017-2018 Parowan Elementary PTO board. The goal was introduced after sending out a survey and finding out that one of the hardest parts of being a teacher, is seeing how mean the students are to each other. We wanted to spread that word that KIND is the new COOL. We are looking for a way to reinforce the good feeling that students get when they are kind to one another, even when it doesn't seem like the cool thing to do.
The idea behind the program is to reinforce kindness. When teachers see a student going out of their way to be kind to someone else, they have the opportunity to give them a card that has been printed by the PTO. The student fills out the card with their name, and puts it in the big golden drum to be entered into a drawing. There will be weekly prizes, and monthly prizes. The PTO will be looking for donations for both the smaller weekly prizes, as well as the bigger monthly prizes. Smaller prizes will range in the $5-20 range, and the monthly prizes will be in the $100-$200 range. Examples of larger monthly prizes might include: bike, chromebook, fitbit, LEGO set, pool party, movie night etc. We want the kids to be as excited about the program as we are as parents. Please consider helping out if you can, and donating specifically to this program. The kindness of donors will be pointed out to the students. They will recognize how much kindness is being offered to them. Thank you for the many volunteers who have already shown kindness to our students, and to their teachers, who show the greatest gift of kindness. We truly have the best teachers at Parowan Elementary.